Infused Pre Roll | Lime

Diamond & Hash Infused Lil' Limes (.6g x 5 Mini Pre Rolls) | Oreoz


Ignite your vibe with our Liquid Diamond & Hash infused Lil’ Lime Pre-Rolls covered in Keif! The FIRST EVER triple infused pre-rolls to hit the market using indoor exotic flower, ground to perfection and infused with our single-strain artisan Liquid Diamonds, Ice Water Hash, natural terpenes and dusted in Keif — our Lil’s are bound to bring you big highs. Each pack has its own unique terpene profile, delivering flavors and highs that are otherworldly. Spread the vibe with those around you with our perfect-for-passing around the sesh minis.

Cannabinoids: 44.87 %

THC: 43.45 %


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